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Circus or Paper Cart?

Read how the choice was made 101 years ago.

I found the perfect paper at

Paterson Papers

I found the perfect paper at

Paterson Papers

I found the perfect paper at

Paterson Papers

  • 101 years serving the graphic industry!
  • Cutting, Binding, Perforating available.
  • Our fleet of trucks are always on the road.
  • Experienced paper professionals, inside and out!
  • Over 100,000 square feet stocked to the rafters.

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At Paterson papers we always know we are getting the best product and pricing available.

Michael Prell

Michael Prell is president of Paterson Papers. Under the tutelage of his grandfather, Herman Prell, and father, Simon Prell, he learned about the paper business from the ground up.

At a young age Michael spent many happy weekends working with his dad at Paterson Papers and knew that his future would one day be in the family business.

During high school, he branched out by working for a local print shop, which gave him exposure outside of Paterson Papers and insight into the printing business as a whole. Michael graduated from Miami University of Ohio, where his college degree was tailored for a career in the paper industry.

From both his father and his outside business experience, Michael gained an old-fashioned work ethic known to all the employees at Paterson Papers. To this day, Michael would not ask anything of an employee that he would not do himself. He can often be found filling in for an absent employee in a pinch.

Now, as the president of Paterson Papers, he has many added responsibilities. His relationships with vendors, customers and employees all must meld to make the business run smoothly and grow. Michael has exceptional listening and negotiating skills and always thinks about both sides of a situation before making a decision. Because of Michael’s personality and fair-mindedness, Paterson Papers has many loyal and long-term employees and customers.

Michael’s great love is his family for which he always saves his energy and time. Experience has taught him to "Seize the Moment"…and that he does with gusto and enthusiasm.